Sustainability Across the Curriculum Faculty Development Workshops
These faculty development workshops provide strategies and examples for enhancing teaching aimed at preparing students to address the challenges of sustainability in their professional, civic and personal lives regardless of discipline.

Faculty Learning Community

Faculty Learning Communities are designed to build community and enhance scholarly teaching and learning. Several FLC’s explore methods and resources that can lead to effective student engagement toward sustainability. The Sustainability Across Curriculum FLC functions as a cross-disciplinary working group for infusing sustainability principles into academic curricula.

In the 2017-2018 academic year, the FLC will continue it's focus on resilience—the ability of a system or community to survive disruption and to anticipate, adapt and flourish in the face of change. We will discuss how components of resilient cities (flexible, inclusive, resourceful, reflective, integrative and robust) apply to UGA, ACC and our own research and teaching. All disciplines welcome.

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