Sustainable Offices

Recycle shredded office paper. Share common office equipment and appliances.Commute to work on a bicycle or as a carpool member.Thanks to the Sustainable UGA Office Program these are just a few ways that departments are being recognized for setting an example of sustainable practices and resource conservation on campus.The Office of Sustainability created the program to help departments become more sustainable in their water and energy use, waste management, purchasing practices and transportation choices.Participating in the program teaches employees realistic and attainable ways to save campus resources and dollars.

Started in 2011, the Sustainable Office Program was designed to give departments the opportunity to help meet the strategic direction for improving stewardship of natural resources and advancing campus sustainability as outlined in the UGA 2020 Strategic Plan.   To become a certified Sustainable UGA Office, a department must commit to satisfying prerequisites and implementing the required number of items in the Office Program Toolkit.The toolkit provides information and ideas for implementation in five different categories including: Water Energy, Waste, Purchasing and Transportation.Each category contains suggested practices and opportunities for innovation.

Commitment for implementing the program must come from a Department Head, and a Green Office Champion must be designated.Everyone in a department must participate in the program requirements. Offices that achieve certification can display the Sustainable UGA Office logo on their website and publications.Certified offices also receive a wall plaque to recognize their commitment to a more Sustainable UGA, recognition on the Sustainable UGA website, program incentives, ongoing technical support and an invitation to bi-annual networking lunches.

Click here for the Sustainable UGA Office Program Toolkit Version 1.3 

Sustainable Offices At Work On Campus

Department/Office Green Champion Certification Year
Odum School of Ecology Lee Snelling 2011
CAES Office of the Associate Dean for Research Kelly Eisele 2011
CAES Office of the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs Kim Boucher 2011
UGA Real Estate Foundation Clare McFadden 2011
Office of International Education Dr. Quint Newcomer 2011
Facilities Management Div. Administrative Offices LaVonne Goldschmidt 2011
Senior VP Finance and Administration Amy Andrews 2011
CAES Dean and Director’s Office Lisa Chandler 2011
CAES Office of the Associate Dean for Extension Teri Berryman 2011
University Housing Jane Diener 2013
UGA Law Library Deborah Baker 2013
Georgia Center Hotel and Conference Center (Administration) Jann Moore 2013
Office of University Architects Ben Rossetti 2014

The Office of Sustainability is eager to recruit more Charter Participants who can generate excitement and raise awareness about sustainable practices at work on campus. If your department would like to discuss the program please contact us today!