In Georgia, bicycles are vehicles and their operators are subject to the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicle drivers. Georgia Bikes! has a wealth of information including safe cycling tips, a Bicyclist Pocket Guide, and a summary of Georgia Bicycle LawsBut if you only remember three things, remember these:

Be Visible

Ride with traffic, make eye contact with other road users, use lights and reflectors to enhance visibility to others. If you ride at night you are required to have at least a white front light and a red rear reflector (the fine is $150 if you don't), but a red rear light is a good idea. 


Be Predictable

Obey stop signs and lights, use hand signals when turning, don't jump out into traffic suddenly. It is illegal to ride on the sidewalk in Georgia (multi-use paths are allowed) partly because it is difficult for people driving to see you there. 

Be Courteous

Take the right-of-way when it's yours, and yield it to others when it's theirs. Go slow around people walking on multi-use paths.