With Earth Day approaching on April 22nd, there is no better month to celebrate going green. The University of Georgia is taking several actions to promote a green lifestyle for students—especially with the programs they implemented within campus housing. Here are a few of the programs the residence halls have incorporated:


UGA has 22 different residence halls within eight communities. From each of the eight communities a student who is passionate about environmental conservations is elected to serve as that community’s EcoRep. Each EcoRep is responsible for attending hall council meetings and promoting a green lifestyle on his or her residence hall. They create programs for the residents to learn about how the choices they make impact the environment. To find out who the EcoRep is for your residence hall and to get in contact with them, reach out to their advisor Jane Diener at jbdiener@uga.edu.

Recycling & composting

All residence halls provide residents with the opportunity to be green by recycling. The halls provide easy opportunities to recycle with each hall having a designated area to place both large recyclables and mixed recyclables. Residents can recycle paper, glass bottles/containers, aluminum, plastic containers and plastic bags. The on-campus communities are also moving toward the idea of composting as another option for residents to go green.

Environmental programs

On-campus communities provide different programs throughout the year to teach residents about sustainability. There are programs that teach residents methods of water conservation, such as keeping showers under 15 minutes and not leaving the water running while brushing teeth. Other programs encourage residents to use alternative methods of transportation, like the Athens Transit, instead of driving everywhere. A few of the programs that are included are “Dawgs Ditch the Dumpster and Donate,” a program that encourages residents to donate items they were considering throwing away when moving out, and “Let’s talk about food,” a program that inspires residents to pay attention to how the foods they eat affect the environment.