UGA offers many wonderful opportunities for students to expand their horizons through Education Abroad. Two specific programs with a strong focus on sustainability are UGA Costa Rica and Discover Abroad. The Brittney Fox Watts Scholarship for Study Abroad in Sustainability awards two $500 stipends annually to help offset program costs.

Integrating lectures and fieldwork to explore various facets of conservation ecology, organic agriculture, environmental ethics, sociology, and climate change, UGA Costa Rica’s Sustainability in Action program follows acclaimed conservation scholars into the tropics on this collaborative exploration of sustainability.

The UGA Costa Rica program offers courses in support of UGA certificate programs such as Local Food Systems, Organic Agriculture, Environmental Ethics, and the Interdisciplinary Certificate in Sustainability, as well as majors and minors in Environmental Studies, Environmental Science, and other related degrees. Students from other universities are encouraged to explore how this coursework fit within their degree programs and areas of interest, and are welcome to apply. Course credits are readily transferable.