The UGA campus functions as a living laboratory where students, faculty and staff work together to solve sustainability challenges. Operational staff benefit from student energy and faculty expertise while students gain hands-on opportunities to apply their knowledge to real problems. UGA Living Lab leverages existing resources across the university to improve operational effectiveness, efficiency, and sustainability.



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A UGA Living Lab project encapsulates efforts of the collaborative work between faculty, staff, and students on addressing sustainability challenges on campus. Whether it be a class capstone project, CURO Research, a grant-funded project, or any other medium of work, these projects result in tangible changes that can be leveraged to make a bigger difference

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Have a living lab project or campus data to submit?

The UGA Living Lab digital archive aims to document a dynamic collection of Living Lab project outcomes and campus data to create future opportunities to build upon existing findings, act as teaching tools, and accelerate the implementation of sustainability solutions on campus, in our community and beyond. Please see our digital archive guidelines (PDF) to submit your work.

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The Office of Sustainability provides Campus Sustainability Grants up to $5,000 to current UGA students who wish to initiate projects that advance sustainability through education, research, service, and campus operations. If you are an individual or team looking to work on a grant project, we welcome you to look through the current Campus Needs. Please reach out to the listed project partner to express your interest in solving their challenge.


The Office of Sustainability Student Internship Program provides opportunities for experiential learning while making a positive and tangible impact within the University of Georgia and Athens communities. If you are a student interested in solving campus and community sustainability problems, we welcome you to apply for our intern program. Community partners can submit potential projects to the Partnership for a Sustainable Athens program.