Swap Shop


This is the motto we follow at the Swap Shop. Swap Shop at UGA encourages reuse, repair, and circular economy practices at no cost to campus community members. Keeping the items we bring into our life for their entire lifespan—and then more—is essential to solve the waste crisis we are currently facing. Swap Shop at UGA is a place to trade personal items, which keeps usable goods out of landfills and recirculates them back to the campus community.

But why? Every year, UGA sends about 10 million pounds of materials to the landfill, equivalent to a mountain the size of the Miller Learning Center, and we want to stop that.

Looking to donate? Bring your items into the shop during our open hours or drop them off at our donation bin at the second floor MLC Security Desk (beside Jittery Joes).

Program Details

  • Location: Miller Learning Center, Room 278
  • Our hours change each semester. Check our Instagram for current opening hours!
  • Contact: swap@uga.edu

Stay Informed

Follow swapshop_uga on Instagram for inventory and announcements.

What can you swap at the swap shop?

All clothing and kitchen ware must be freshly washed before donating.

  • Unused Office/School Supplies
  • Craft Supplies
  • Small/clean kitchen ware
    • Cups
    • Mugs 
    • Plates
    • Silverware
  • Small household appliances
    • Coffee pots
    • Tea kettles
    • Irons
    • Vacuums
    • Fans
    • Alarm Clocks
  • Electronics
    • Surge protectors
    • Gaming devices
    • DVD players
  • Games / Entertainment
    • Board Games
    • Video Games
    • Cards
    • DVDs
    • Books/Novels
  • Cleaning Supplies (no opened cleaning solutions)
    • Brooms
    • Mops
    • Vacuums
    • Dust Pans
  • Household items and decorations
    • Lamps
    • Clothes Hangers
    • Accessories
    • Storage containers/baskets
    • Shower caddy
    • Irons/ironing boards
    • Small rugs / bath mats
    • Full length mirrors
    • Picture frames
    • Wall tapestry/ posters
    • String lights (must be in working condition)
  • Umbrellas;
  • Clothing (clean, no stains, no rips or damage, in-style)
  • Damaged/broken/not functional items (check out the CHaRM for proper recycling)
  • University property: Surplus state property must be properly managed through UGA Asset Management, or you can use the Surplus Property Listserv (email property@uga.edu to join) for direct state property transfer between UGA personnel.
  • Food (see student food pantry or Athens Community Fridge for donation)
  • Large furniture (futons, chairs, bed frames)
  • Large appliances (microwaves, mini fridges)
  • Used bathroom supplies / makeup
  • Items with an expiration date
  • Personal artwork
  • Mattresses
  • Hazardous items
  • Stained or torn items
  • Undergarments
  • Towels
  • Bedding

Other Questions and Answers

Swap Shop at UGA is a place to trade gently used goods for no monetary cost. Think free thrift store. You bring an item from home that you no longer use and swap it with items we have in the shop! For example, bring some unused notebooks for a new-to you picture frame!

Items needed for comfortable student life can be expensive and inaccessible to many. Swap Shop gives used items at no cost. Additionally, campus members without a car might find it hard to purchase second hand, we eliminate that barrier by having this resource right on campus.

Generally, we accept items related to student life. See our specific guidelines above!

No! Anyone in the UGA community can donate, and anyone can pick up an item when needed. The Swap Shop functions like a free thrift store.  You don't have to donate an item to receive an item.

Email us at swap@uga.edu