Green Roof Garden

Urban Food Production, Pollinator Habitat, Heat Island Mitigation, and Air and Water Quality Improvement

In the 1960's, a green roof was constructed atop the UGA Geography-Geology building to serve as a temperature buffer for the Climatology Research Laboratory. Since 2007, a rotating cast of professors, students, and volunteers have planted and maintained a flourishing fruit and vegetable garden. Students, volunteers and the Office of Sustainability's Urban Agriculture Intern work to ensure that this 3,000 square-foot growing space stays healthy and productive.

RoofBuzz: Pollinator Protection

The RoofBuzz project is a partnership with the State Botanical Garden of Georgia and their Connect to Protect program to support pollinator populations and migrations and re-connect the landscape. Native plants thrive on the rooftop and serve as a vital source of food and habitat, as well as a living laboratory for students and community members to learn about pollinator decline and easy ways to conserve pollinator populations for the future.

Food Production

Green roofs can serve as a space for local food production, improving local access to fresh food and reducing food insecurity. Produce from the Green Roof Garden is donated to the Campus Kitchen at UGA and added to their weekly delivery bags of fresh, wholesome food for families in need.

Tour or Volunteer

The Green Roof Garden hosts tours and volunteer work days that allow attendees to gain experience in urban food production and pollinator conservation. Rooftop access to the Geography-Geology Building is limited to authorized students, faculty, and staff members of the University of Georgia community. Use this form to request more information.