What is the RCE?

UGA is one of nine member colleges and universities in the RCE Greater Atlanta Youth Network.

Our Regional Centre of Expertise in Education for Sustainable Development is a sustainability network acknowledged by the United Nations University. RCEs support the implementation of the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals at the regional level through education and training. The designation makes Atlanta one of only six RCEs in the U.S. and 166 worldwide. RCE Greater Atlanta brings together nine universities and colleges with nonprofit, community, government, and business partners - and we are the only RCE in the U.S. with strong leadership and participation from HBCUs.

RCE Greater Atlanta focuses especially on equity and justice issues inherent in sustainable development. We aim to create a new regional model for collective impact, by harnessing higher education capacity and knowledge for regional benefit – and in the process, better preparing our students to be sustainable development changemakers, in Greater Atlanta and beyond.

What is the Youth Network?

The RCE Youth Network engages students from the member universities and seeks to promote collaborative efforts in various projects and events. We host volunteering events, film screenings, and are an ideal avenue for youths to connect with other sustainably-minded folks.

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Angela Tsao— Angela.Tsao@uga.edu