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Rules of the Road and Safety
Be visible, be predictable, be courteous. Learn your rights and responsibilities as a bike rider in Georgia.

In Georgia, bicycles are vehicles and their operators are subject to the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicle drivers. Georgia Bikes! has a wealth of information including safe cycling tips, a Bicyclist Pocket Guide, and a summary of Georgia Bicycle Laws. But if you only remember three things, remember these:

Be Visible

Ride with traffic, make eye contact with other road users, use lights and reflectors to enhance visibility to others. If you ride at night you are required to have at least a white front light and a red rear reflector (the fine is $150 if you don’t), but a red rear light is a good idea.

Be Predictable

Obey stop signs and lights, use hand signals when turning, don’t jump out into traffic suddenly. It is illegal to ride on the sidewalk in Georgia (multi-use paths are allowed) partly because it is difficult for people driving to see you there.

Be Courteous

Take the right-of-way when it’s yours, and yield it to others when it’s theirs. Go slow around people walking on multi-use paths.


A well-maintained bike is safe, efficient, and fun to ride. There are a lot of options here to keep your bike in top shape.

FixIt Stations

There are four Fixit self-service bike repair stations on campus, located at the Miller Learning Center, the Ramsey Center, The Main Library, and Myers Quad. Refer to the UGA Mobile App map for exact locations. Scan the QR code on the repair stations with your smartphone to see repair instructions.

On-Campus Repairs

Operation Safe Drive is a one-day car and bike safety-check service offered to members of the campus community by UGA Transportation and Parking prior to Thanksgiving Break. The Office of Sustainability also offers pop-up bike repair sessions during Earth Week and at other events at Tate Plaza during the school year.


The BikeAthens Bike Recycling Program is a volunteer organization that refurbishes donated bikes to give to people who need affordable transportation. While helping the community, volunteers learn basic and advanced bike repair and maintenance skills that they can later apply to their own bike. The shop also offers Fix Your Own Bike sessions.

unwanted bikes

Unwanted bikes make us sad. Here’s what you can do if you don’t want your bike, and what happens to bikes that are left behind.

If you no longer want your bike, please email for donation. Abandoned bikes on bike racks frustrate regular riders and are a logistical burden for the staff who must remove and process them. Each year hundreds of bikes are left behind on campus by students who, for various reasons, appear to no longer want them.

Bikes that appear to be abandoned (e.g. flat tires, missing parts, rusty chain) will be tagged. If the bike is still in the same location and condition after the tag expires, staff will cut the lock, remove the bike, and in accordance with Georgia state abandoned property law, impound it for 90 days. Unclaimed bikes will be transferred pending Superior Court approval to a 501(c)(3) organization.

If you take a semester abroad or leave campus for the summer, be sure to make storage arrangements for your bike and do not leave it on an outdoor rack.

If your bike is tagged, you must call the phone number on the tag and refer to the tag serial number to cancel it. Removing the tag but leaving the bike will not prevent impoundment.

uga (re)cycle

UGA reCYCLE is a need-based bicycle recycling and redistribution program for the UGA campus community. The program refurbishes bikes that were abandoned on campus bike racks and puts them in the hands of UGA students and employees who need them for transportation to and from school or work. The reCYCLE program is driven by a coalition of partners including UGA Transportation & Parking, UGA Office of Sustainability, UGA Police Department, and the local nonprofit BikeAthens. The reCYCLE Program was developed in 2014 through a joint venture between UGA Transportation & Parking and the UGA Office of Sustainability, in partnership with Students for Environmental action, and funded in part by a 2015 Sustainability Grant through the Office of Sustainability.

How to get a bike

Bikes are donated by referral. Requests are handled on a first-come, first-served basis. Please note that bikes may not be immediately available depending on inventory and workload.


Students can obtain a referral for a bike from one of the following campus student services:


UGA employees need a referral from their supervisor that states that the employee needs the bike for transportation. Supervisors should email the Office of Sustainability at for instructions.