Partnership for a sustainable athens


The Partnership for a Sustainable Athens provides meaningful experiential learning opportunities for students and valuable support for community partners working to advance sustainability and resilience in the Athens area.

Community Partners include any non-profit organization, government agency, or local business working toward goals outlined by Envision Athens, the ACC Sustainability Plan, and/or UGA’s 2020 Strategic Plan.

Prospective partners submit internship or project requests, assist in selecting candidates, host a student intern or project team, and pay 50% of the intern salary or a portion of project costs.


Projects are completed by interdisciplinary student teams through the Certificate in Sustainability Capstone Course and are conducted during fall and spring semesters.


Internships provide community partners with motivated students who bring enthusiasm, new perspectives, and disciplinary knowledge to their work. Students gain valuable professional development and applied learning. Interns work 10 hours per week, including one hour at the UGA Office of Sustainability for leadership training, networking, and project support.

Interested in Becoming a Community Partner?

“I’ve had the pleasure of hosting a number of interns from the Office of Sustainability through their Partenership for a Sustainable Athens program and have been really pleased by the thoughtful nature of the interns and the quality of work I’ve received.


I love that the interns work on projects identified by the community rather than working from an assumption that they know what I need better than I do.

Andrew Saunders, Director, Athens-Clarke County Office of Sustainability


Prospective Community Partners submit an internship or project request form to the UGA Office of Sustainability. Projects must address a significant sustainability challenge with a feasible scope to be completed in one or two semesters. Community Partner must provide a mentor, funding, work space, or other resources as needed.

  • Internships are for one semester with the potential to expand to additional semesters. Intern projects should engage students in meaningful hands-on work that addresses a sustainability challenge and is scaled appropriately for a student working 9 hours per week for one or two semesters. (Internships that are administrative or sales-focused are not appropriate for this opportunity.)
  • Community Partner provides 50% of the student intern salary through a lump sum payment each semester. Partner will receive an invoice from the Office of Sustainability at the start of the semester. Payment is due by March 1 for spring semester interns and October 1 for fall semester interns. 50% salary is typically $787.50 per semester for an undergraduate intern; $1,012.50 for a graduate student intern.
  • Community Partners participate in the intern selection process and provide a mentor, timely feedback, work space, and other resources as needed to ensure success.


  • Administer and support all aspects of the Partnership for a Sustainable Athens.
  • Advertise open positions, coordinate interviews, and facilitate the selection process.
  • Coordinate on-boarding and payroll.
  • Provide templates and review intern work plans, mid-semester and final evaluations.
  • Facilitate weekly meetings, review student work, and organize the Semester in Review showcase.


  • Office of Sustainability solicits project requests each semester for the following semester.
  • Projects may be completed during fall or spring semesters.
  • Community Partners can submit requests on a rolling basis. To be incorporated into Capstone or other coursework, Community Partners should request Fall semester projects by January and Spring semester projects by August.
  • Internships follow UGA’s academic calendar, generally August-December during fall semester and January-May during spring semester.
  • Students present their work at the end of each semester as part of the Sustainable UGA Semester in Review event from 11-1pm on Reading Day


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