ugarden student community farm

 UGArden is building a community of students centered on a sustainable food system. We teach students to grow food using organic practices and share healthy, sustainably grown food with members of the local community.

We grow organic veggies, some fruit, mushrooms and medicinal herbs. We donate a large portion of our produce back to the community through The Campus Kitchens at UGA, the Athens Community Council on Aging, and through the local food bank. We also support the Grow it, Know it program at the four Clarke County middle schools

Heading south of the Athens Loop. we are about .25 mile south of the Botanical Garden entrance. Turn at the paved drive on the right and park in the paved lot behind the large metal shed


“UGArden is my absolute favorite place to volunteer. When I harvest I know my efforts go towards feeding those in need and that’s very rewarding.”


“I learned so much in my FYOS at UGArden. Growing my own food made me confident as a first year student and I made a lot of friends and connection with professors I never would have otherwise.”


“Even in the short amount of time I’ve been in the club I feel welcomed and I feel that I’m doing good work to help with either the upkeep of the garden or in the community.”

“Grow where you’re planted!

It is wonderful to work at a place that you feel supported no matter what. Whether it is learning to drive the tractor for the first time or replanting tomatoes in the greenhouse, I am grateful to work at the UGArden this semester.”

Amelia, UGArden student volunteer

UGArden is managed by the Farm Educator/Manager, with assistance from undergraduate and graduate students, both through courses and as volunteers.

Other aspects of the management plan include: Internship program offered on a semester-length basis and farm apprentice program throughout the year providing the labor needs to plant, maintain, harvest and deliver produce to the Campus Kitchen and other food donation programs.