How to Get Involved

• The Sustainability Coordinator must be an active member of your organization and a reliable communicator.
• Ideally, the Coordinator will live in-house and have a passion for people and the environment.
• Know someone in your chapter with a passion for recycling? Have them email to get on our team!

• The Office of Sustainability Greek Life Intern will help coordinate a meeting with the Athens-Clarke County Recycling Coordinator to identify recycling equipment and signage needs in your house.
• Help install appropriate recycling bins and signage to make it just as easy to recycle as it is to throw something away.
• Complete ACC Commercial Recycling Ordinance documents (for off-campus houses only).

• Tell your chapter members about the new recycling system.
• Properly educate them on which items can and cannot be recycled (Avoid the F-words:  Food, Film & Foam!)
• Once you’ve got recycling down, we’ll move on to transportation, energy and water!

• Celebrate your accomplishments...and don't forget to recycle!
• Stay engaged with the Office of Sustainability Greek Life Intern.
• Be a leader! Encourage others to implement sustainability practices.

Program Goals

Goal 1: Leadership
• Provide a positive example to others in the UGA and Athens community by incorporating social, environmental and economic sustainability practices into daily life.
• Appoint a student Sustainability Coordinator in each fraternity and sorority at UGA.

Goal 2: Waste Reduction
• Achieve and maintain compliance with ACC’s Commercial Recycling Ordinance in all Greek Life houses, both on and off-campus.
• Reduce landfilled waste from Greek Life houses and events by 65% by 2020.

Goal 3: Safe Mobility
• Watch out for Dawgs!
• Encourage the use of alternative transportation such as walking, biking, transit, and carpooling by members and visitors.

Goal 4: Energy & Water Conservation
• Reduce energy use by 25% and water use by 40% by 2020 through infrastructure improvements and behavioral changes in Greek Life houses.

Organization Spotlight – ΧΩ

Holland and Julia serve as sustainability coordinators on behalf of their sorority, Chi Omega. They hope to maintain their sorority's strong track record of proper recycling and they have some goals to further reduce waste at their house.


Holland and Julia have ensured that there are adequate and properly labeled collection bins in frequented common areas throughout their house.


Holland and Julia's goal for the next semester is to eliminate Styrofoam (polystyrene) to-go boxes that are used for "late plates" and replace them with a healthier, less wasteful alternative.