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Projects Initiated by students
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Initiated by Students, Funded by Students

Drawn from the Student Green Fee, grants up to $5,000 are available to current UGA students who wish to initiate projects to advance sustainability through education, research, service, and campus operations. Successful projects will address priorities outlined in UGA’s 2020 Strategic Plan to actively conserve resources, educate the campus community, influence positive action for people and the environment, and provide useful research data to inform future campus sustainability efforts. Interdisciplinary projects designed to inspire, beautify and uplift—as well as to inform and conserve—are encouraged. Special consideration will be given to projects incorporating sustainability + arts. Grants are awarded based on merit, positive impact, implementation feasibility, and available funding.

2018-2019 Grant Schedule

  • Pre-proposals accepted October 1, 2018
  • Pre-proposals due October 12, 2018
  • Applications due 9am November 12, 2018
  • Grants awarded December 5, 2018
  • Final reports due June 30, 2019
Apply for a Campus Sustainability Grant
Pre-proposals are accepted beginning October 1 and grants are awarded on Fall Reading Day each academic year.

2018 Grant Recipients

Build It and They Will Come: Building Bat Houses and Creating Habitat for Bat Conservation and Environmental Awareness
submitted by Kristen Lear, a PHD student in Integrative Conservation & the Warnell School of Forestry and Natural Resources under the direction of Dr. Jeffery Hepinstall-Cymerman

Connect to Protect the Monarchs
submitted by Suzie Henderson, a senior in the OdumSchool of Ecology under the direction of Heather Alley

Generating Educational and Research Opportunities Through Medicinal Herb Production at UGArden
submitted by Teri Rakusin, a senior Horticulture major under the direction of Dr. David Berle

Market on the Move (creating mobile farmers markets with Athens Land Trust)
submitted by Jaiko Celka, a sophomore in Environmental Economics and Management under the direction of Josh Green

UGAfforestation: Measuring Carbon Sequestered in Trees of UGA and Planting Native Trees to Revitalize Lilly Branch Watershed
submitted by William Fox, a junior Forest Resources major under the direction of Dr. Puneet Dwivedi

4 Precious Plastic Recycling Machines
submitted by Sam Cherof, a senior sculpture major in Lamar Dodd School of Art
under the direction of Lindy Erkes
This project has the distinction of receiving this year’s Sustainability + Arts Award

Season Extension in the UGA Geography Department Roof Garden
submitted by Emma Courson, a junior majoring in Horticulture under the direction of Dr. Amy Trauger

Tracking and Managing Non-Point Source Pollution at Lake Herrick Watershed
submitted by Ashwini Kannan, pursuing a masters in Environmental Engineering
under the direction of Dr. David Radcliffe

Trailing Granitic Outcrop Plant Species on Extensive Vegetated Roof
submitted by Kelsey Brooks, masters student in Landscape Architecture under the direction of Jon Calabria

Estimating Material and Energy Needs of Green Spaces on UGA’s Campus
submitted by Haley White, a junior in Agricultural Education under the direction of Dr. Puneet Dwivedi