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The value of archiving Living Lab work

Sustainability is often "hyper-local" meaning that to advance sustainability solutions requires collecting research, data and solutions specific to the environment, systems, people and opportunities unique to the UGA campus. Our first Living Lab Workshop in March of 2022 identified as a priority the need to develop a Clear /  Comprehensive Digital Archive of past living lab work.  In partnership with the UGA Library we have created a new  UGA Living Lab Digitial Archive  that will 1) Document Living Lab project outcomes allowing  future groups to advance findings, 2) Collect and share data that can be analyzed and built upon by others 3) Provide case studies as a teaching tool to students and classes 4) Accelerate the implementation of sustainability solutions.

For this archive to be effective we encourage all Living Lab projects, be they class projects, capstones, internships, grants or other collaborations to consider submitting project outputs and results for consideration to the archive. Submissions do not have to be "archive ready" we welcome all submissions and guide groups in the process of creating submissions that are ready to be archived. 

You can also request data and resources you'd like to see in the Archive moving forward. An Archive Submission Button will be up soon!   

Submit Outputs or Request Data and Resources

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Logging A Past Project

To add to this list, please follow the submission steps:

  1. Fill in the end of project one-pager then download as a PDF
  2. Compile a list of keywords that can be used to search for your project in the future
  3. Compile a list of project partners starting with participating departments followed by individual contributors
  4. Collect final deliverables, data, and additional documents that support your project
  5. Log your project through this qualtrics form


Currently available data

2021 UGA STARS Report

The Sustainability Tracking, Assessment and Rating System; (STARS) is a transparent, self-reporting framework for colleges and universities to measure their sustainability performance. STARS provides a comprehensive overview of data in the following categories: academics, engagement, operations, planning and administration, and innovation.



2019 Energy Primer

The 2019 Energy primer is a two-page document detailing how UGA procures and uses energy for its campus operations. This summary includes information on the use of electricity and heating fuel from 2010 to 2019. The primer concludes with the payment process and the emissions implications of the preceding data.

Access (PDF)

Energy Use Itensity Graph