Donate Your Unwanted Bike!
If you have a bike on campus and no longer wish to keep it, please contact the Office of Sustainability or the BikeAthens Bike Recycling Program to make arrangements to donate it. Both have programs that refurbish bikes and provide them to people in need of affordable transportation.

Abandoned bikes on bike racks frustrate regular riders and are a logistical burden for the staff who must remove and process them. Each year hundreds of bikes are left behind on campus by students who, for various reasons, appear to no longer want them.

Bikes that appear to be abandoned (e.g. flat tires, missing parts, rusty chain) will be tagged. If after 90 days the bike is not removed by the owner, staff will cut the lock, remove the bike, and in accordance with Georgia state abandoned property law, impound it for 90 days. Unclaimed bikes will be transferred pending Superior Court approval to a 501(c)(3) organization. 

If you take a semester abroad or leave campus for the summer, be sure to make storage arrangements for your bike and do not leave it on an outdoor rack.