Individual Participation

Eligible UGA students, faculty and staff may participate in the Bulldog Bikes Bike Share Program by completing registration including a) Rules of Use, b) Release, Waiver of Liability and Consent Not to Sue, and c) Registration Form.

Rules of Loan

  1. Loan is available to current UGA students, faculty and staff who are a) 18 years or older with a valid UGA ID and b) have completed Bulldog Bikes Registration.
  2. Bike Loan is available during typical operating hours of the Check-Out Station. Bikes must be checked out and returned to a UGA Check-Out Station, on the same day, within typical operating hours. Loans late after 2 days are reported to UGA police and are subject to collection.
  3. Loan is free of charge to individual registered participants. Participants who do not return bikes on time may be charged $10.00 per day up to the full cost of replacement.
  4. Proper use of a helmet is required during operation of a Bulldog Bikes bicycle. Participants may use a helmet provided by this program or may provide their own. Any helmet worn during operation of a Bulldog Bike shall meet US Consumer Product Safety Commission standards and ASTM’s F1447 standard.
  5. Bicycle must be returned in the same condition as received at check-out, with lock, key, and helmet (unless approved personal helmet is used in place of program-issued helmet).
  6. Participant must pay replacement costs in the case of loss, or reasonable repair costs in the case of damage.
  7. Participant agrees to use bicycle responsibly, according to all applicable laws, and to wear a helmet at all times while operating a Bulldog Bikes bicycle.
  8. When parking during use, Participant must only lock the bike to bike racks, and not to handrails, lampposts, or trees. The UGA smartphone app will display the nearest bike rack on campus to the user’s location.

Program Registration

Participants must complete ALL of the following to register for the Bulldog Bikes Program:

  • Rules for Individual Participation
  • Release, Waiver of Liability, and Covenant not to Sue
  • Registration Form

Once registration is completed and submitted to the Office of Sustainability or a Check-Out Station, Participants may check out a Bulldog Bikes bicycle following the stated rules of use.

Bulldog Bikes Bicycles

Starting in Fall 2014, Bulldog Bikes are Trek Verve I WSD. This bicycle was selected by a focus group of UGA students, faculty and staff.

Bicycle Maintenance & Repairs

If you notice any problems with a Bulldog Bikes bicycle, notify the Check-Out Station attendant immediately. Bulldog Bikes are maintained routinely and repaired as needed by the Office of Sustainability.


Bicycle Operation

Accidents: If an accident occurs, report to police immediately (Emergency Athens-Clarke County 911, UGA Police 706-542-2200).  Then notify your Check-Out Station or the Office of Sustainability at 706-542-1301.

Braking: Bulldog Bikes use hand brakes. The front tire is slowed by the left-hand brake on the handlebar. The rear tire is slowed by the right-hand brake on the handlebar. For best results, apply brakes simultaneously and lean back slightly to compensate for the application of the front brake.

Shifting Gears: Bulldog Bikes have 21 total gears. The left shifter has three positions that select Low (1), Medium (2), and High (3) gear ranges. The right shifter has seven positions to select gears within each of the three gear ranges, where 1 will be easiest to pedal up hills, and 7 will help you ride faster on flats or down hills. To shift gears, simply twist or rotate the shifter to the desired number setting while pedaling gently.  Most people will find it easiest to keep the left shifter on 2 and adjust the right shifter as needed.

Adjusting Seat: Bulldog Bikes have a “quick-release” seat post. To adjust height, 1) loosen by pulling quick-release handle out away from the seat post, 2) raise or lower seat as needed, 3) re-tighten by pressing the quick-release handle firmly back against the seat post.

Lights: Bulldog Bikes have LED lights on the front (handle bars) and on the rear (seat post). There is a button on the rear of each light to turn lights on / off. Press once to turn light on; press twice for flashing light; press again to turn off.  Lights should always be on or flashing when operated in low light or dark conditions.

Helmets: Use of helmets is required. A helmet is available for each bicycle / rider at the Check-Out Station.  Participants may use a helmet provided by this program or may provide their own. Any helmet worn during operation of a Bulldog Bike shall meet US Consumer Product Safety Commission standards and ASTM’s F1447 standard.

Lock: Every bike comes with a cable lock and key.  Bikes shall be parked at bike racks only and shall be locked securely.

Safety: Be visible. Be predictable. Be courteous. In Georgia, bicycles are vehicles and their operators are subject to the same rights and responsibilities as motor vehicle drivers. Obey all traffic signals and signs as you would when driving a motor vehicle. Use lights at night. Visit for more safety resources.

Return:  You are ultimately responsible for returning everything you check out.  Bicycle, lock, and helmet (if taken) must be returned by close of business on the day of check out. User may be charged a $10.00/day late fee up to the cost of the bicycle, lock, and helmet. Failure to return bicycle, lock and helmet will subject user to up to $500.00 in fees (actual costs of replacement).

Performance: If you notice any problems with a Bulldog Bikes bicycle, helmet or lock, notify the Check-Out Station attendant immediately.

Help us improve this program!  After returning your bicycle and other check-out items, please take a minute and fill out the survey with the Check-Out Station attendant.  We appreciate your time and input. Your feedback will help to enhance the Bulldog Bikes Bike Share Program.

For more information about bicycling at UGA and in Athens, visit

Thank you for your interest.  For more information on Bulldog Bikes, visit, call 706-542-1301 or email