Water Reduction Goals

The University of Georgia serves as a leader in the state and region for water resource management, and has received numerous awards for the success of its Every Drop Counts campaign. As of the end of Fiscal Year 2015, UGA has reduced its statewide water use intensity per square foot by 31% compared to FY 2007, and total water consumption by 20% over that time. The UGA 2020 Strategic Plan calls for a 40% reduction in water use intensity.

WUI Reduction

Water Consumption 2007-2015

Report a Leak!
Call Facilities Management Division at 706-542-7456 or visit the FMD Work Request page. For after hours emergencies call UGA Police at 706-542-2200.

Water Conservation Initiatives

Equipment Upgrades

By 2008 virtually all once-through cooling equipment was replaced with recirculating, air-cooled, or other water-efficient equipment. This includes laboratory devices as well as equipment integral to building operations. 

Cooling Towers

Cooling towers use evaporative cooling to reject heat from building air conditioning systems. UGA Facilities Management Division follows industry best practices to ensure that our cooling towers are operating as efficiently as possible, and monitors water meters on the towers to detect and diagnose any anomalies. 

Steam Plant Improvements

The UGA Central Steam Plant consumes water in the process of heating campus buildings and equipment. A rigorous protocol of detecting steam and condensate leaks in the underground distribution network using aerial infrared thermography allows for targeted repairs that not only save energy but also considerable amounts of water. 


UGA Grounds uses drip irrigation where needed and wherever possible selects native, drought-tolerant plants for campus landscapes. Some areas are irrigated with lake water or collected rainwater.