Diversified Plastics Inc. is a company in Union Point, Georgia that recycles plastic and incorporates recycled products in the production of the molded injection plastics business. The company makes an assortment of different sized dumpsters, including split dumpsters with both trash and recycling compartments.

Juan Jimenez and Scott Oaks, owner of the company, donated two of these split dumpsters to the University of Georgia. These particular dumpsters have a total capacity of 8 cubic yards with a divider in the center. They are made out of plastic, but have metal reinforcements to keep the lids from bending and opening when tipped to one side or the other.

One of the dumpsters is located on the Recreational Sports Complex and one is located at the Visitors Center. Diversified Plastics Inc. has provided a good warranty plan on the dumpsters and checks on them regularly to ensure upkeep.

“They don’t leave enough space for trash dumpsters and recycle dumpsters to sit next to each other in a lot of the facilities,” says Bill Silman, sanitation & labor foreman at UGA. “This gave us an opportunity to try this new split dumpster. What it means for everybody is that they have a new option available that the visitor’s center didn’t have before.”

The recycling and solid waste program at UGA has discussed purchasing options with the company looking forward for the areas on campus where they are needed. For example, University Housing produces plenty of recycling, but only has room for one dumpster outside of each dorm, not two.

“It’s saving us a lot of road miles for one thing because we can go by there with another truck and pick this up instead of having labor and the truck go pick up inside the building like they were doing before. So, it’s reducing the carbon footprint for the university. It’s saving gas, fuel, time, and labor by using these instead of picking it up manually,” said Silman.

Recycling is expected to improve in areas around campus that have been asking for recycling bins, but have not had room to implement them. The split dumpster responds to the need for a more convenient way to recycle around UGA’s campus.