uga environmental history

A bit about this project:

My name is Justin Ford and I am a graduating senior majoring in Political Science and pursuing a certificate in Sustainability. When thinking about what to do for the capstone portion of my sustainability certificate, I struggled to realize where I could apply my academic interests to a sustainability project. It was through the guidance of sustainability alumnus  Bailey Shea that I found the idea for my project. Bailey pointed to the lack of concentrated information on the environmental history of the University. We both recognized the need for easy access to this type of information. Part of progressing a more sustainable world is education, and better understanding the ways we as humans have shaped and interacted with our environment in the past. We can better learn from that past – by both improving off of and avoiding past ideas and actions. For my project, I decided to focus specifically on the University of Georgia, as any success in sustainable action must start at the local level. I decided to divide the information into two formats: the first, an interactive map that tells the environmental history of Tanyard Branch, a stream that runs through central campus, and serves as an excellent microcosm to both the university and Athens’ environmental history; the second, an interactive timeline that tells the more broad story of the environmental history of the university. Through both these tools, I hope that you, the reader, gain valuable information about how generations before us shaped the land our university occupies, and are able to take that information, and apply it to your everyday sustainable actions.