Sustainability in the Workplace

Everyone can enhance the culture of sustainabiltiy at UGA

Collective individual action to conserve resources, reduce waste, drive less, purchase wisely, and create an inclusive community for all creates significant and positive results. Small and heroic actions by students, faculty, and staff make UGA a great place to work.

A person has their finger on a light switch that is labeled "turn me off" and "every watt counts"


Workplace Sustainability Tips (PDF)

easy things you can do to make your Workplace more sustainable

Conserve Energy and Water

The best energy saving device is the tip of your finger! Turn off lights in any unused space where safety and security are not a concern. 

Screensavers don't save energy, but you will save a lot when you use your computer's power settings to put it to sleep when you're away from your desk.

Report leaks at, 706-542-7456; or contact UGA Police at 706-542-2200 for after-hour emergencies.

Follow the Energy Conservation Checklist (PDF) for guidance in general work areas.

Use the Laboratory Checklist (PDF) for guidance in laboratory environments. 

Reduce Waste

Set double-sided as your default and always use recycled-content paper.

Know what and how you should recycle! Ask your building supervisor for a Deskside Recycling System and empty it yourself as motivation to throw less away.

A gray deskside trash can labeled "mixed recyclables" with a smaller black sidesaddle bin labeled "landfill"

Learn more about UGA compost programs, and/or email to learn how get a bin for your break room.

An office champion can take items to CHaRM or a local grocery store. Large quantity pick-ups can be scheduled through the FMD Work Request Center.

Email to join and share state property with others on campus. If you must buy new, buy durable and repairable products.

Drive Less

The UGA Mobile App provides real-time bus routes, and campus is a beautiful place to walk and bike.

Purchase Wisely

Whenever feasible, prioritize local, sustainable, and minority-owned businesses

The UGA Sustainable Purchasing Guide is your resource to help you make smart purchasing choices.

Go Above And Beyond With These Campus and Community programs:

Your event reflects your organization’s culture and values. Every event at UGA, no matter how big or small, can reflect a culture of sustainability or be a significant source of waste—you get to decide. Remember the waste reduction hierarchy: reduce, reuse, then compost and recycle.
Plan ahead. Create Culture. Host a great event! More detailed guidance can be found on the Waste Reduction page.

Organize your co-workers to engage with a community volunteer opportunity through GivePulse.

The Safe Space program at UGA is a three and a half hour training for faculty, staff, and students who are interested in learning about gender and sexual identity, homophobia, heterosexism, and how they can provide support and work toward being an ally for the LGBT community. Presented by the UGA LGBT Resource Center.

Get a closer look at the people, institutions, and initiatives that play an integral role in supporting and fostering diversity at UGA. You will explore diversity-related topics in order to enhance UGA's welcoming and inclusive environment. Presented by the Office of Institutional Diversity.

Show your support for members of disenfranchised communities at UGA. Attend the events of groups such as Multicultural Services and Programs, the LGBT Resource Center, International Student Life, and others to learn about the issues affecting communities at UGA and around the world. Events can be found on each organization’s website or on the UGA Master Calendar.

Learn about the unique attributes of UGA's student veterans, the challenges and opportunities they may face in the university setting, and how you can help empower them as civic leaders. Presented by the Student Veterans Resource Center.

Give blood at some of the many blood drives that take place throughout the year on campus. Or, host or sponsor a Red Cross blood drive through your workplace. Learn more about hosting a blood drive.