Faculty & Staff Resources

Various resources are available to enhance collaboration

Faculty Development Workshops

Interested in interdisciplinary conversations around local and global challenges? Are you new to teaching sustainability or been teaching about it for years and want some fresh ideas? Join your peers for a half day workshop focused on integrating sustainability concepts and ideas into the classroom.

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Faculty Learning Community

The Center for Teaching and Learning offers UGA faculty and post-doctoral scholars the opportunity for cohort-based instructional development through its Faculty Learning Community (FLC) program. Faculty Learning Communities are designed to build community and enhance scholarly teaching and learning.

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Instructional Resources

The Office of Sustainability offers a variety of informational resources to aid in the instruction of sustainability curriculum. Our learning modules and project resources cover topics such as watersheds, economics, social justice, conservation, and the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

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Sustainability in the Workplace

The Office of Sustainability has compiled a list of easy actions that faculty and staff can do to make their workplace more sustainable. Collective individual action to conserve resources, reduce waste, drive less, purchase wisely, and create an inclusive community for all creates significant and positive results. 

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