Capstone Subject Matter Experts


Students enrolled in the Sustainability Certificate Program are required to implement a semester-long sustainability-focused project as part of their Capstone requirement. Projects are typically done in small groups of 2-4 students but may be completed individually.

Because of the breadth of the sustainability field and the wide range of expertise necessary for project implementation, students are asked to identify a faculty or staff Subject Matter Expert (SME) who can provide input and oversight leading to more rigorous and successful deliverables.

Expected time commitment: 5-10 hrs / semester

Roles & Expectations

Expectations of the faculty or staff Subject Matter Expert are diverse, depending on the nature of the project and their area of expertise. Students are asked to articulate exactly what they are hoping the SME can provide at the outset of the project. This might include one or more of the following:

  • A review of the capstone work plan at the start of the semester and written input with suggestions for resources, methodology, etc.


  • An in person or Zoom Meeting with students at the beginning of the semester to discuss their goals, responsibilities, timeline and workplan for the project.
  •  Periodic check ins to evaluate and provide feedback and expertise on student work
  •  Review deliverables for accuracy and consistency.

Subject Matter Experts are vital members of our Sustainability Certificate community and are also invited to attend final student capstone presentations if they are available.