• Your portfolio should include various aspects of your learning throughout your progress through the certificate and should include thoughtful reflection on how you have integrated the various parts of your sustainability education.
  • Upon acceptance into the certificate, please request a new WordPress Portfolio site from CTL: 
    • Complete this Qualtrics form (provide brief information about yourself; indicate whether you are an undergraduate or graduate student; select "NEW USER"; select "NEW SITE"; finally, select "Sustainability Certificate" on the last question).
    • Upon submitting the form, CTL will receive the portfolio request. Requests are completed within 3 business days, but usually within 1-2.
  • The portfolio name will incorporate your first and last name and look like this:

and you will log in at:

    • You should add artifacts to your portfolio throughout your time in the program.
  • You should include artifacts from any of your courses, from internships and experiential learning, and from your extra-curricular activities.
  • Your portfolio should include the following:
    • a brief academic biography
    • an introductory reflective essay that serves as the central document for synthesizing your sustainability education and as a guide to the rest of the portfolio (approximately 1000 words, 3 to 5 pages)
    • a reflection on your learning in your certificate coursework with a particular emphasis on integrating the various aspects of sustainability you have studied (approximately 250 words or 1 to 2 pages per course)
    • a reflection on your sustainability learning in your capstone project, particularly how your project involves all of the spheres of sustainability (approximately 750 words, 2 to 3 pages)
    • representative artifacts (papers, projects, etc.) of the work you did in the anchor course and the three spheres of sustainability and your capstone
  • Any of your reflections or artifacts of your work may also be presented in multi-media (photo, video, ppt, etc.).
  • Your final portfolio is due the last day of final exams of your final semester.