Graduate Students

The Certificate can adapt to any graduate program

Graduate students from all disciplines are invited to apply for the Sustainability Certificate. The format of the graduate program is similar to the undergraduate program, but graduate students have more flexibility in combining their degree with the sustainability certificate.


Graduate students often combine the Sustainability Capstone requirement with their graduate thesis, dissertation, or practicum (depending on the program). The Sustainability Certificate enhances existing work or research to ensure a strong connection with the three spheres of sustainability and a clear emphasis on key sustainability competencies.


Graduate students often substitute one semester of the seminar with an equivalent graduate student seminar such as Ecology 8400. Other sphere substitutions are available as long as one course is taken outside of a student’s field of study.

Starting in fall 2021, we hope to offer a separate Sustainability Seminar for graduate students focused on interdisciplinary approaches to sustainability, pending enrollment numbers.


In addition to this flexibility in course work, the Sustainability Certificate also offers graduate student-specific events and opportunities throughout the year to facilitate cross-disciplinary collaboration and build community.