Sustainability Capstone Project Partner Information

Sustainability Certificate Capstone Projects help clients address pressing sustainability challenges while providing students with an opportunity to apply their academic learning and develop valuable skills.  Capstone teams are typically made up of 3-5 students from over 70 majors, overseen by a faculty mentor to ensure quality and provide expertise.  The best projects are solutions-oriented and present a feasible scope of work.  Governmental, non-governmental, non-profit, industrial, for-profit, and university-affiliated organizations are all welcome to submit proposals. In order to be eligible to host a Capstone team, organizations must: 

  1. Have a specific project that addresses a defined sustainability challenge that can be accomplished by a small team of students in 3.5 months. Although projects can be refined once the team has been assigned, general scope and deliverables should be determined in advance.
  2. Have organizational capacity to sustain support for the capstone project (including staff time and expertise to mentor the capstone team).

Partners can submit project requests using this form. The deadline to request Fall 2022 projects is July 15. If you have any questions or would like to discuss your project details prior to submitting a project request form, please email Tyra Byers at 

You can view a list of past projects since fall 2020 here.

What makes a good project?

Activities and Scope of projects range widely. Sustainability Certificate students come from a wide range of academic disciplines.  Examples include: Research, B-Corp Certification, Life Cycle Assessments, GIS Mapping, Marketing,Product Creation, Education and Outreach, Installations, Consulting, Cost Benefit Analysis, Systems Analysis,Program Development, Promotion

What should I expect?

Students are trained to approach this partnership similar to a consultant (the students) and client (you) relationship. They will work with you to determine your project needs and assess how their individual skills and expertise might best address these needs.

The Sustainability Capstone Course provides the scaffolding for effective project management. Final deliverables should be agreed upon by all members of the partnership, and the semester will culminate in a final presentation of the project by the students.

Community partners should expect to devote ~10+ hours to the project and meet with student teams at least 5 times over the course of the semester.

Students will devote 3-5 hours each per week to their capstone project including meetings.

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